What ages does Tone teach?

Our instructors are also professional musicians, many of whom perform prolifically throughout the world. This unique duality of our teachers sets them apart from other schools, and allows us to offer challenging and tailored instruction to high school, college, and adult students. We teach all ages: infant to adult. 

Young students do need to have some dexterity and concentration to participate in playing an instrument, so private instruction is not advised until your little one is 2.5-3yrs.

We are currently the only school in New York offering Suzuki ECC Music Prep Classes for infants and toddlers! Music Prep classes are designed for mixed ages, so there is always something challenging for students no matter what the age.

What instruments
does Tone teach?

Tone teaches piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, ukulele, guitar, recorder, flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

We also offer group classes, Suzuki infant & toddler music prep, theory & musicianship, and poetry!

FOREIGN LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: With many international teachers, Tone also offers private, music lessons in many foreign languages! PIANO: Italian or German, VIOLIN: Italian, German, Greek, Arabic, or Mandarin Chinese. (All lessons available in English.)

Since the foundation for listening, repetition, and attention to tone and rhythm is the focus of all Suzuki Method lessons, families who choose to switch instruments do so with minimal time lost.