Private Lessons, Music Prep, Group Class

Private Music Lessons

One 30min lesson/week

Offered in summer 4-pack, 14wks, and 28wk semesters.

Ages 2.5 years to adult

Private instruction is available for voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, recorder, flute, clarinet, and saxophone.

All of our teachers are also professional musicians, many of whom perform prolifically throughout the world. This unique duality of our teachers sets them apart from other schools, and allows us to offer challenging and tailored instruction to high school, college, and adult students.

We utilize the Suzuki method for our younger students, which requires a parent or caregiver to attend lessons as we focus on a balanced teacher-child-parent dynamic.

Tone offers lessons both at Tone and in your private home. We're very conveniently located off the Canal St. stop in Manhattan, and we encourage you to come be a part of our wonderful community!

Though not mandatory, children under the age of 4 often enroll in our Suzuki certified Music Prep class as well as private lessons to help teach and reinforce basic music skills.

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At Tone

Summer 4-Pack: $230
14wks: $825
28wks: $1,600 ($50 discount)

At Home

Summer 4-Pack: $230
14wks: $1,050
28wks: $2,050 ($50 discount)

Class Schedule

June 1 - Sept. 15: Summer
Week of Sept. 15: Start of fall semester

Music Prep Class
Suzuki Certified ECC 

Suzuki Group Class

One 30min class/week
Ages 0 month - 4 years

Suzuki’s famous ECC course is the premier introduction to musical concepts for children preparing for private music instruction. Utilizing a balanced parent-child-teacher interaction, these engaging classes 
introduce rhythm, tone, pulse, and pitch through interactive movement, rhyme, and instruments. They also cultivate concentration, motor skills, socialization, and an early comprehension and love of music! Suitable for new and continuing students.

Though not mandatory, children at least 2.5 years old often concurrently enroll in private music lessons. The Music Prep class is helpful with private instruction as it teaches and reinforces basic music skills.

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One 30min lesson/week
Ages 4+

Students have the opportunity to further master skills taught in their private lessons. In these instrument-specific classes, children learn to play together as a group and benefit from the full range of exercises prescribed in the Suzuki Method.

Please note that your child must already be able to play 2-3 pieces from the Suzuki Book 1, 2, or 3 respectively.

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