Delaney Stockli


Additional Languages: Greek, Arabic

Delaney began teaching violin at the age of 16 in Cairo, Egypt. She quickly noticed that her ability to relate and adapt to individual children’s ages and unique characters was her strong suit, and enjoyed the process of creating a fun and positive learning environment, while still focusing on building a necessary solid base for the learner’s ever-expanding technique. Delaney is Suzuki-trained, and believes that being exposed to various methods of playing and teaching has helped her form a more rounded and balanced approach to her own style of instruction. She feels that beyond the basic solid structure of violin technique, each child’s lesson must adapt to his or her individual learning and thought process, and cultivate their various strengths. This helps students and teachers grow and learn from each other. Delaney strongly believes in musical education as a platform of self-expression, physical and psychological balance and wellbeing and is happiest when a child’s journey through music nourishes the mind and the heart equally.
Delaney has taught private and group lessons in private homes, at the German high school in Cairo, Egypt, in Athens, Greece and the Maryas music school in Halkida, Greece. She is classically trained freelance violinist and is working towards her Master’s degree in Music Technology at NYU, widening her career into the field of composition and inter-disciplinary arts. She has a passion for the music of various cultures and styles and collaborates with a wide range of musicians in her artistic work. In her free time, Delaney dances and practices Yoga, and strongly believes in the benefits of movement and body awareness in playing music.