Ludovica Burtone


Additional Languages: Italian, Spanish

After her classical studies in Spain and Italy, where she received her Master of Arts in violin performance, Ludovica came to the U.S. to deepen her passion for composition and improvisation, with studies at Berklee college of music where she graduated with a degree in Jazz Composition. She has worked with several European orchestras including the Orchestra of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Mitteleuropa and the Orchestra Teatro Lirico di Trieste. As a chamber musician, she has toured throughout continental Europe, Canada, Costa Rica, and the United States, performing in numerous musical styles including classical jazz and world music.

Ludovica has extensive experience in teaching and she is passionate about promoting musical appreciation for students of all abilities and ages. She puts careful attention on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan, understanding that we all have different needs and talents.