Martin Gomez-Constenla


Martin is a classical guitarist based in Brooklyn. He spent his early childhood living with his family in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then moved before his teens to Long Island, New York. He grew up in a household that listened to a variety of music genres. His parents played records from Argentine Tango singers, Edith Piaf, Bach, Mozart, and the original soundtrack to The Blues Brothers movie. He started playing guitar in his early teens and later focused on Classical Guitar. Martin received his Bachelors in Performance at The Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase. He enjoys playing Renaissance/Baroque music and works by South American composers.

Martin has experience teaching students of all ages. He's worked in public schools and colleges teaching guitar, piano, and music theory. He has taught classes both in English and Spanish. Martin enjoys the opportunity to share his passion of music through teaching. He sees music as bridge to many different cultures for students to explore. Martin sees music lessons as an introspective journey for the student to find their own musical character and develop another outlet to express emotion.

Martin enjoys nature, coffee, movies, and cooking. He grew up with Italian grandparents that made him help them while prepping for meals; so he knows his way around the kitchen as well.