Pre-K Confidence and Separation Class

Up to three 90 minute classes per week

Tone Academy of Music’s primary goal of the Suzuki Pre-K Class is not only to teach young people to play musical instruments; we also recognize the unique contribution music can make in the total learning process. Our goal is to include the development of the whole child, unfolding the natural potential to learn with the support of their parent and caregiver, creating a deep love of music beyond the classroom! We know that music can be more than a purely artistic pursuit; it can be an incredible tool to impart confidence, joy and a love of learning in our youngest students that they will carry beyond the practice room into all their academic and personal pursuits. 

In Tone's Pre-K Confidence and Separation class, we focus on developing the skills our students will need not just to excel in music, but to reach their full potential as learners and explorers of the world around them.

In our ninety minute sessions, we use music, games, stories and structured free play as tools to develop fine motor skills, form a foundation of musical understanding, foster social skills and most importantly, provide a supportive environment in which every student will have the opportunity to learn and explore.

Utilizing a balanced parent-child-teacher interaction, we will introduce rhythm, tone, pulse and pitch through interactive movement, rhyme and instruments; and use games and activities to cultivate concentration, motor skills, socialization and an early comprehension and love of music!

We provide scheduling flexibility with three class days per week, as well as sibling and multi-class discounts. Contact us today to learn more and to find out if Tone Academy of Music's Pre-K classes are right for you and your child!


Example Pre-K Class day:

10:00 Class begins with social play at the sand table

10:05 Music class begins. We work on developing students fine motor skills as well as our rhythm and pitch centers while playing movement and participation based musical games and activities.

10:35 We enjoy a weekly special activity. With everything from baking and science experiments to playing musical instruments, these projects help develop our students curiosity and empower them to explore and learn while we follow the Suzuki method of educating the ‘whole child.’

10:50 Snack time. Families are encouraged to bring a shareable nut free snack as we practice setting the table, eating together and cleaning up after ourselves as a group.

11:00 Story time. Students have the opportunity to read by themselves or with their caregiver, or to sit with their classmates and enjoy having a story read for them.

11:10 Imaginative free play. Students are encouraged to spend the remainder of class in our free play area by themselves exploring mind and skill building toys that develop creativity and fine motor and social skills while developing the confidence to play on their own with their peers without their caregivers immediately present.

11:30 Class wrap up and goodbye song!


We offer three scheduling options, see the calendar for specific days and times.

(Pricing reflects our standard 14 week semester.)

One 90 minute class per week: $840

Two 90 minute classes per week: $1540 ($140 discount)

Three 90 minute classes per week: $2100 ($420 discount)


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