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Lindsay Collins is a classically trained violinist and educator.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree of Music Education with a concentration in violin from the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware prepared her to teach piano professionally.


Lindsay has been a piano and violin instructor at Tone Academy of Music since 2015. Additionally, Lindsay was trained using the Suzuki method beginning at 18 months of age.  In 2019, she graduated from Long Island University with a master’s degree in Childhood Education 1-6. 

Lindsay has had the privilege of performing in concert halls including Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, and Lincoln Center. In addition to the New York City concert halls, she has performed with several local ensembles on Long Island. 

The tone of her life has been one of music, school and service to the community. She channels her musical talents towards helping children experience the joys of music. 

It is one thing to play music for others to enjoy, but for Lindsay the real satisfaction will be helping children develop the ability to appreciate music. She hopes to give her students the gift of music, a gift for which they will always be grateful.

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