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Voice, Guitar, Piano

Mateo Narbona is a multi-instrumentalist teaching artist raised in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain. Through his passion and dedication, Mateo always looks for new ways to make learning music a fun process, focusing on self-esteem development. His most significant goal is to create a community of students that will learn how to express themselves and channel their best energy through music playing and creativity. Mateo currently has over 3 years of experience teaching individual and group lessons. He has worked with a wide range of aspiring musicians that go from the age of 4 up to the age of 50. Mateo emphasizes each student’s authenticity and their unique approach to music!


Always looking up to his big brother Nico, who plays piano, Mateo also started taking weekly piano lessons when he was 8.  At age 15 he discovered his passion for songwriting and decided to learn guitar as a writing tool. A few years later, he began his Jazz Vocals and Piano studies in Miami, Florida and later at the City College of New York.


Whenever he is not playing music or singing, he loves to play soccer, practice yoga, and stare at the stars at night!

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