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Reilley Vegh began studying music as a child growing up in Northern California. Originally a fiddler; they quickly branched out into other forms of music. Reilley moved to New York to receive a Bachelor of Music at SUNY Purchase in classical viola performance and composition. It was at this time that they also became involved in the New York Irish music scene, studying fiddle with renowned musician and teacher Brian Conway. In NYC they had a career teaching and performing in a variety of styles; collaborating frequently with classical ensembles, bands, and DJs. During the NYC covid-19 lockdown, Reilley began studying for the LSAT, and is now a law student at the University of Berkeley in California, while continuing to perform and teach in the Bay Area and on Zoom.


Reilley began their teaching career as an instructor for children and parents in their California hometown. Since then they have gone on to work with teaching organizations in Westchester and NYC. Reilley believes that music can be an incredible outlet for self expression, and encourages in their students a sense of curiosity and creativity. Reilley's aspiration is to help students find new ways to listen, appreciate, and enjoy music; while developing the confidence to express themselves through their instrument. 

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