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"Tone has a living soul without form" - Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary

Tone Academy of Music is NYC's premier Suzuki-Method school, dedicated to teaching the joy of music from infancy through adulthood. We believe being a musician is learning the joy of playing and also fostering a beautiful heart with family and community. We offer classes in person, at home and virtually.

Tone’s private lessons and music enrichment courses help students of all ages also succeed in their musical passions while teaching important life lessons about dedication and the value of hard work.

We are honored to partner with other outstanding educators at Montessori Flatiron, Montessori SoHo, TESSA International School and Bow and Heart.

Along with private lessons, we also offer ensemble classes for theory, composition and group performance, as well as the Suzuki Toddler/Pre-K Program.


Speaking the language of music

With many international teachers, Tone Academy also offers private lessons in a large number of languages.

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