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General information

School Age Students

Instruction is available for voice, violin, piano, cello, viola, guitar, ukulele, recorder, flute, clarinet, drums and saxophone.

Our teachers are professional musicians, many of whom perform regularly across the globe. This unique duality allows us to offer challenging and tailored instruction to students from birth to adulthood.

The Suzuki Method is uniquely successful because the student-teacher-parent relationship is equaly balanced. Parents the teacher 6 days a week! Having a parent or guardian present for the whole lesson (in person or virtual) is essential for every Tone student's success.

Adult Music Instruction

At Tone Academy we foster a love of music from birth to adulthood, and we encourage adult students and/or the parents of our existing students to join. We offer flexible lesson times and scheduling for our adult students, as well as a relaxed and interesting atmosphere where we set realistic and achievable steps to reach your own musical goals.

Maybe your goal is to learn how to read music better or write your own song? Or is there a specific piece you’d like to play? Maybe you just want to get off-screen in your downtime with a creative outlet. No matter what your goal is, you and your teacher will make sure your time and effort are focused on a path that is interesting to you, not one size fits all instruction.  

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