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"My excitement and joy come from seeing a parent and child share memorable experiences together through music. In these hectic times full of noise and distraction, every parent has to strike a balance between the quantity and the quality of time they spend with their child. I've never been a teacher that measures success by the number of students I have or how many become professional musicians. Through Dr. Suzuki's wisdom, I seek to teach the next generation with a "beautiful heart" who in turn, better our world. 

- Jenny Shaw

Founder and Executive Director

"I'm so happy every day to be at Tone helping to share the joy of music and learning with all my students and their families. Having grown up in a Suzuki household, it feels so special to be creating a space where my students get to have the same rewarding and supportive experience I did learning music!" 

- Michael Shaw
Director & Head of Suzuki Toddler/Pre-K


Kevin Miller


Lindsay Collins


Julio Vaquero Ramos

Madeleine Mortimore

Julphan Tilapornputt


Savidu Geevaratne

Ericka Longo

James I Headshot Square.jpg

James Ilgenfritz

Beverly Simon

Tobias Meinhart


Benjamin Shanblatt

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