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Woodwind, Piano

Julio Vaquero is an award-winning Spanish composer, performer and teaching artist. He started playing oboe at the age of 7 and piano at the age of 10. He studied music composition in the Madrid Royal Music Conservatory and furthered his studies all over Europe: Italy, Poland and the UK. He finally moved to New York where he got a master's degree in Musical Theater Writing at NYU.


As a composer he has been involved in dozens of musical theater productions in Madrid and New York, and his music has been performed in international festivals such as the Contemporary Music Festival in Venezuela or the International Pianton Festival in Spain. In addition he has performed in the major theaters and concert halls of Madrid. He is also very committed with the expansion of choral music and acapella groups, being the music director of successful choirs like Dimension Vocal or Acapella Language, and composer of the first Spanish acapella musical.


As a teaching artist, Julio has spent over a decade teaching in several academies, schools and conservatories where he has always created a very special connection with his students. As a very creative person himself, Julio loves to develop the kids creativity and their love and appreciation for music. Julio believes in the power of art and education to inspire the next generation as our teachers inspired ours. When he is not writing or teaching, you can find him expanding his collection of board games and trying to learn something new.

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