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At Tone Academy

15, 30, 45 & 60min

All children must either be vaccinated or must wear masks

all teachers are fully vaccinated.

All adults must be vaccinated 

Educators and parents can agree that environment matters to children and can make all the difference when they are learning something new. Tone students are welcomed into a safe and vibrant community where music can be heard as soon as you step off the elevator.  We are so proud to be part of the SoHo and Chinatown community and hope you come visit us on Baxter Street to see our beautiful studio for yourself.

At last we can celebrate the long awaited vaccine for most of our children.  Tone Academy is hopeful that we can welcome our vaccinated students for lessons at our studio without masks, and we are committed to keeping our community informed and safe.

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Students can still register for Spring Semester and tuition will be prorated for the remaining weeks.  Semester ends on May 20th.

Come to our newly renovated studio at 118-122 Baxter St. (between Canal and Hester) this summer.  Lessons are available 7 days a week and do not have to be scheduled consecutively.  Schedule your lessons on days that work for you June through August - no need to worry about missing camp or a beach day!

$300 for 4 lessons (30 minutes)
$50 for trial lesson
Lessons also available in 15 minute increments, minimum 4 lessons for new students 

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Group Classes at Tone
We believe that having the opportunity to share music is just as important as learning to practice on your own.

Music Reading - Beginning and Intermediate Level A common misconception about the Suzuki Method is that students never learn to read music.  Learning music notation is an essential skill for all Tone Academy students, but the frustration (and boredom!) associated with learning to read doesn't happen in our group classes.  

Open to vocalists and instrumentalists, students will be work with peers to learn a variety of song styles so they can let their imaginations run wild with their own compositions.  We promise... no songs will include a baby shark.

Recording, Mixing, and Production
Students at any level and any age will have an opportunity to learn the basics of creating a track using professional equipment.  Students will be grouped by their age, but this class is perfect for the middle or high school student interested in exploring music outside of the practice room, and they'll have their own EP by the end of the semester.

Violin Ensemble and Repertoire 
This fall we're thrilled to invite Tone Academy violinists to bi-monthly group classes with students from other music schools around NYC.  More details to come in September... but rumor is violinists will get to play in some great venues throughout the semester!

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