How old does my child have to be to start lessons?

We know that children begin learning from the moment they are born, and as Suzuki teachers our aim is to teach music the same way children learn how to speak. In this way the youngest children can learn the joy of playing and singing at any age. Infants and toddlers can join our Suzuki Toddler/Pre-K Program. There are private lessons, music theory group classes, orchestra, jazz band, and choir for elementary through high school students. Adult students have stress-free lessons built around each individual's goals. Everyone is different - which is why Tone Academy does not have a set age requirement to start lessons

During a trial lesson, our instructors will be able to set appropriate goals for each student and recommend private and group classes. If you have an instrument you're most interested in, great! If you'd like to explore several, the teachers will be able to introduce a variety and give their suggestions. The most important difference between Tone and other music schools is that by having a parent or caregiver in the class each week, the learning that happens in the practice room can continue at home. Tone instructors create a positive, processes-based learning environment where children can explore music by setting goals that are achievable.

How do I know that my child is ready for music lessons?

What type of lesson packages does Tone offer & what are the costs?

Spring Semester  

14 weeks 

January 30th - May 21st


Trial Lessons

  • In-person: $50

  • In-home: $75

  • Virtual: $25

What instruments are available?

We offer private instrument instruction for:

  • Piano 

  • Violin

  • Guitar

  • Cello


We’re happy to help with rental and purchase options and are proud to partner with Johnson String Instruments and Worldwide Piano.

  • Voice

  • Flute

  • Recorder

  • Saxophone