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Virtual lessons

15, 30, 45 or 60min

general Info:

Between shifting school activities, busy travel schedules and social distancing, in-person lessons are not always a possibility. Since 2020, Tone Academy instructors have shown that virtual lessons are NOT inferior to in-person lessons, and in many cases, can provide families with more flexibility during the busy school year. 

By making sure every teacher has quality equipment for clear communication and that every student receives both electronic and physical practice materials, our students never miss a beat... or a lesson.  

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15, 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons are available
Trial lessons are $25

Summer Virtual

Students work so hard during the school year - don't stop the momentum during the summer!  Continuing their progress with summer virtual lessons is the most convenient way to see your teacher during the break.  Virtual summer lessons are perfect for students who want to try an instrument for the first time, or learn a second instrument.

Lessons do not have to be scheduled consecutively and can be used June through August.  Virtual lessons offer the most flexibility for busy summer plans and varying time zones.

$180 for 4 lessons (30 minutes)
$25 for trial lesson
Lessons also available in 15 minute increments, minimum 4 lessons for new students 

Virtual Group

Virtual Group Classes
This Fall, students attending classes virtually will have even more opportunities to share music together:

Music Reading - Beginning and Intermediate Level 
A common misconception about the Suzuki Method is that students never learn to read music.  Learning music notation is an essential skill for all Tone Academy students, but the frustration (and boredom!) associated with learning to read doesn't happen in our virtual group classes.  

Jazz History, Composing, and Improvisation - Section 1
The jazz genre provides an opportunity to learn music theory, improvisation, and to discover more about the history and contributors to American Jazz music. The class includes some playing, some writing and lots of listening to outstanding live and recorded performances.  The group class also focuses on introducing many Musicians of Color who helped birth, shape and develop the genres foundational to all modern musicians.

Evolution of Pop and Hip-Hop - Section 2
Second year students naturally ask, "what's next?"  Using the improv and writing skills they learned in Section 1, students will investigate how American Jazz music was just the beginning to everything we call rock, pop, funk, and hip-hop today.  By the end of the semester, they'll be ready to step up to the mic with their own songs and record on professional studio equipment.

Tips for Virtual Lesson Success!

  • Make sure to take 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time to test your internet connection. Keep the power cable handy just in case!


  • Setup a lesson space in your home away from distractions and noises.


  • Have your music and folder out and ready to go

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