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Guitar, Piano

Ben Shanblatt is an educator that is dedicated to his students' musical growth through creating
a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. Taking an entirely student centered approach, Ben
believes that it is essential to shape each lesson around each individual's needs and interests. A
core component of Ben’s teaching practice is that every single person is capable of learning
music, regardless of age, background, or experience. It is Ben’s hope that he can help people
from all walks of life experience the unlimited joy of playing music.


Ben has been teaching music since 2014, and has worked with students in virtually every age
group. He has taught guitar, bass, piano, and composition to all levels, from complete beginners
up to advanced professionals.

In May 2022, Ben graduated with a BFA in jazz guitar performance from the New School for jazz
and contemporary music. In addition to his pursuits as a music educator, he is a professional
guitarist in NYC, serving as a sideman, leader, and session musician in styles as varied as jazz,
pop, rock, funk, and metal among others. Ben has also served as a composer and musical
director for various theatre productions in NJ and NYC.
Ben wishes to serve as an open resource and guide to his students, sharing his knowledge
openly and with compassion in hopes of impressing a lifelong love of music upon his students.

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