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Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele

Born and raised in New York City, Beverly Simon is a violist and violinist, with degrees in Music and Music Education from Hunter College and the University of Florida.  Beverly’s earliest musical training was Suzuki-based and focused on Western classical violin and viola, but as a teenager she began to experiment with improvisation in Pop Music and Jazz.  Her interest of all forms of music have led Beverly to explore the genres of baroque viola, Irish fiddle, folk and Hindustani and to learn a wide range of instruments, such as ukulele, doumbek and orchestral harp.


Beverly believes that learning music is not only about technique and performance skills, but also about developing patience, perseverance and learning about the joy of creating something beautiful.  She strives to create an positive, inclusive environment for her students as they build their musical knowledge and to help them create a meaningful, enjoyable form of self-expression.

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