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Director and Head of PreK Programming

Suzuki Toddler/Pre-K, Guitar, Piano

Raised in a Suzuki household constantly filled with music, Michael has seen the value of early childhood music education first-hand. Whether it was in the audience at big sister Jenny’s recitals, or playing piano, saxophone or guitar, the joy of music was instilled in him from a young age. Michael would not only keep music in his life, but it eventually bring him back to teaching others.


After graduating from St. Cloud University in Minnesota, Michael moved to NYC to join the family business and help grow Tone’s incredible community. Working with Executive Director Jenny Shaw and Tone Academy’s incredibly talented group of music educators to develop Tone’s Suzuki Toddler/Pre-K music program from the ground up, Michael is finding a new musical joy helping Tone’s youngest students reach their first learning milestones!

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